💋 Chy Latte Fetish Café 👅

What a Fetish Is:


  1. a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.”

I was first known for the fetishes of my various body parts such as my long tongue, huge outie navel, full, natural lips, my size 10 feet and my deep bedroom eyes. Here you will find pages of all of these and everything in between.

Click a picture to go to the individual page. In order from head to toe.

Eye Fetish

Lip Fetish

Mouth Fetish – Mouth Exploration, Yawning, Uvula Fetish, Vore, Tongue Fetish, Spit Fetish, Eating/Chewing, Teeth Fetish/Toothbrushing, Lollipop Fetish

Neck Fetish

Armpit Fetish (Shaved, Sweaty and Hairy)

Tit Fetish

Belly and Navel / Belly Button Fetish (content from the size below up to 230 lbs or, ‘BBW’)

Ass Fetish – Femdom Ass Worship, Giantess Ass Role Play, Oily Ass, Scat Fetish and Toilet Fetish/Fantasy

Thigh Fetish

Foot Fetish – Bare feet, Socks, Nylons, Fishnets, etc