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Chy Latte Mommy Sex Tape Taboo MILF Role Play

Mommy’s Special Squirting Video 4K

I’m making this video for my boy on his 18th birthday. You’re a big boy now and Mommy has known that you’ve been masturbating to her private photos and videos for some time now. It’s time you have your own video of Mommy to stroke that big boy dick to. Now, your mother is going to teach you something about pleasing a woman that most men get wrong — it’s about HER pleasure first and yours will come afterwards. I want your to edge for Mommy. Watch Mommy pleasure herself and focus on that. Your pleasure will feel that much more significant as it builds while watching Mommy.

Watch Mommy as I oil my big, fat ass before sticking my pretty heart-shaped jeweled buttplug in my tight ass. It almost doesn’t want to go in because Mommy’s asshole is so fucking tight! I have my dildo attached the bed and I want you to watch Mommy stroke it as if it were your dick. Take your time watching and jerking to Mommy’s wet pussy as she fucks it with the dildo. It feels so good, honey! Mommy feels like she’s going to cum all over the place! Stroke that dick for Mommy! You see all of this squirting cum exploding from Mommy’s shaved pussy! I cum not once, not twice, but three or four times!

Mommy’s pussy is so hot and horny knowing her big boy is watching her! I can’t stop cumming, honey! I could only imagine this being your huge dick instead of my dildo. Mmm! I wish you could fuck Mommy’s pussy nice and hard, your dick throbbing in and out of Mommy’s wet, warm cunt! I cum so much that I can’t speak. That’s what the thought of you fucking Mommy does to her. It turns me on so much! I’ve left the mess for you. Won’t you clean it up for Mommy? ✨wink✨

[Contains: Taboo Mommy Role Play, POV, point-of-view, virtual sex, shaved pussy, anal play, squirting, female orgasm, moaning, jerk off instruction, joi, foot fetish]

Teacher’s Pet: Sensual Student Hand Job Tit Job JOI

Welcome to my class. I’M the teacher now. In today’s lesson, we’re going to get EXTRA nasty. I’m giving you a Jerk Off Instruction, but I don’t give a fuck how you like to stroke your dick. If you’re following along with this, one, you’re paying attention to every nasty thing I do and nothing else. Following my pace, staring at my tits wrapped around this BBC dildo and imagining my warm, wet spit drip down your hard shaft. Think you can handle me being in charge? If you follow my directions EXACTLY, you get an extra credit task at the end? Ready?

Mommy Wants More

I’m laying here watching you, floating on the hi that was the last time we got down and dirty. Ever since we got, ‘close,’ it’s been nice. It’s just been you and me and Mommy’s glad she has you. Her big boy who is there with a wet mouth and hard dick whenever Mommy wants him. I want more honey. I want to slob that dick down so good that you cream all in my mouth. I want you to fuck Mommy’s pussy deep and slow. Make me moan and my eyes roll back. Do you think you can do it again, honey? For Mommy? 

Creamy Ebony MILF Double D’s JOI

My big, fat Double D titties are ready to be covered in your cum. Place yourself here with me right now. This lotion that I’m squirting all over my huge brown tits and hard nipples represents how much cum I want you to build up in your balls and shoot all over me. Get nasty. Lick on my sensitive nipples, smack your dick all over these huge mommy milkers. The nastier my Jerk Off Instruction gets, the harder you get. the harder you get, the wetter my pussy gets! Paint my tits with your hot load!

Naughty Maid Fucks You to Do Her Chores POV Virtual Sex Role Play

You and your wife hired me to clean, but it’s obvious by this outfit you gave me that you’d rather watch me than have me clean. I think we should do a trade-off. You clean and I’ll fuck you. That way we both get what we want. Deal? 

You see how fat my ass is? How it’s barely fitting under this sheer black dress you bought for me. The string thong is wedged in between my fat, juicy ass cheeks. You can clearly see my hairy pussy through the front of the thong. How do you feel about me sliding my fingers in and playing with my pussy? Does that make you want to scrub floors for me? How about my moans. Do they make you want to jump up and clean the toilets? 

Not enough incentive? What about pulling out your rock hard dick and sucking it until my lipstick comes off? How does it feel to have my huge, soft lips and warm wet mouth wrapped around your throbbing, hard, big dick? You wife doesn’t suck your cock like this, I can tell. That’s why you hired me. You took one look at me and your dick got hard.

Fuck me har from behind. Watch my big booty bounce in doggy style on that fat dick. Fuck me like you’ve never fucked her before! Turn me over and slide in on top. I bet you’re going to clean every window after this! 

A Wet Dream

I know you’re thinking about me ramming my hairy pussy with my dildo. My wet pussy. My nipples are hard. While you’re thinking about me, there’s something I want to show you. Come closer. Suck gently on my nipples. See how hard they get? The harder they are, the wetter my pussy. The sun is perfectly shining on my skin, highlighting every feature. I can’t help but bask in it while ramming my wet cunt with this thick ass dildo.

I start to cream in your daydream. The sweet cream slides right out of my pussy and heads directly for my asshole. I can feel it. It’s not long before I’m squirting all over my camera and my nylon thigh highs not once, but three times in three different angles. I’ll try not to get any in your eye

Length: 20:26

Contains: Solo Masturbation, Squirting, Nylons, Thigh High Stockings, Dildo, Dildo Fucking, Creamy Pussy, Fingering Messy Cum, Closeup, Feet, Moaning,

Raining Pussy Juice on My Camera

I’m so fucking horny. I have the aching need to pound my pretty brown shaven pussy. I get lost in fucking myself. First on all fours sticking my fingers in between my fat pussy lips and getting myself nice and wet, shaking my even fatter ass in the camera while doing so. It feels so good, but I need more. I grab my big ass dildo and after lubing it up, I pound away at my hungry pussy. Oooh! It feels so good!

My eyes begin to roll in the back of my head. I grab my titties and start to lick on my huge, pierced nipples. I’m lost in ecstasy at this point, pussy creaming and dripping to my asshole. Pounding my pussy harder and harder. Legs in the air fucking my dildo back. It’s not long before I squirt HARD all over my camera and collapse. Damn. That was good.

Length: 28:12

Feet and Cream

Preview of Feet and Cream

This is for the lovers of feet and creamy pussy. I’m sucking on a glass dildo, putting my soft feet in your face and banging my pussy out until it creams and squirts. My pussy is shaved which allows the cream to smear all over my huge pussy lips. The glass dick being rammed in and out of my pussy gets completely COVERED in my cream. This is hot af 🥵

Length: 30:29

Preview of a shower live stream of Chy Latte

Sexy Soapy Shower Live

A shower live stream I did in 2020 where I soaped up my body, danced, grinded and teased my viewers.

Length: 21:50

Back That Thang Up

You love watching my ass bounce on your lap. Just because you have the dick doesn’t mean you’re in charge. I’m in charge on this dick. You stand there and watch my ass jiggle and bounce. You don’t move until I tell you too. That dick makes me so wet and creamy. Look how much she squirts on it. Don’t you are cum until I tell you too. I own your dick right now. My pussy has a tight grip on the dick and I don’t plan on letting go of it until I squirt!

Length: 27:49