Custom Videos


My custom videos start at $10 per minute with a 5-minute minimum for BASIC fetishes (tongue fetish/spit fetish, Vore, some Giantess, foot fetish, Toothbrushing, navel fetish/belly fetish, lip fetish, eating, etc) and $250 for 10 minutes and then $15 per minute  thereafter for all other fetishes, videos with more details or Role Play, no exceptions. Turnaround time depends on the details of your clip or if you pay for a shorter turnaround time. Understand that depending on my schedule and the number of custom clips that I have at the time that you place your order can make your turnaround time longer. Clips that are shorter and/or less detailed custom clips will have a shorter turnaround time

The base rate of $250 for 10 minutes does not  include pussy spreading or masturbation. Masturbation and/or pussy spreading is a $50 additional charge

Your custom request comes in standard or 1080 HD. If you desire 4K Quality there is a $30 charge.

Would you love to hear your name come from my lips? I will use your name as often as I can for the written script you give me. Hearing my voice say your name over and over will drive you up a wall, so it’s worth it. There is a $30 add-on to say your name.

Do you want to be the ONLY ONE to ever see your video forever? You can view the custom clip you order exclusively for $100 additional per custom clip. I will never upload this clip to any sites and no one will see it except you.

Please note, there can be additional charges depending your request. Most custom requests I receive tend to have the additional charges discussed above.

I do not take payment from sources outside of Crypto and SpankPay. Do not ask to pay me any other form. You can place an order by filling out my contact form below.

How does it work?

 Fill out the form below. (If the form is not there, all spots are CLOSED for the month.)

 Include ALL details you want in the video in this form or they will NOT be included in the final video. I will not be going back and forth with you discussing missed details and I will need to be reimbursed for that time.

If you request pantyhose in your video or a specific costume, make sure you check that option off in the add-ons section, but also include it in the description you give me for the Custom Video so that I get the right item. If you simply just want a 10-minute Ass Worship JOI of me in pantyhose, but you don’t care about specific color or you want me to freestyle what I say, a simple description is enough. If you check off the pantyhose option and you you want thin, black nylons and for me to talk about face sitting or Executrix, make sure you tell me.

The standard turn-around time is 4 weeks from order date. There is an extra fee for rush delivery.

I offer shorter turnaround times for different rates. Paying for a shorter turnaround time means you can expect your clip within the timeframe that was discussed. For example, paying for a week turnaround time means at the latest you will get your clip within 7 days (including weekends). A week turnaround time is a $20 add-on, a 3-day turnaround time is $40 add-on, a 2-day turnaround time is $80 add-on, and a 1-day turnaround time is $140 added on.

The option for a 2- or 1-day turnaround option MUST be discussed with me before payment to ensure I can properly plan for and deliver your request.

I am only taking 10 custom order videos every month, so selection is very exclusive and will be on a FIRST COME, FIRST PAID basis. If you want a Custom and the form is below (which means I am accepting Custom Video Orders), ORDER IT while you can. 

I will announce when spots open up each month on THIS SITE first AND THEN by my FREE EMAIL NEWSLETTER.


NOTE: I NEVER portray submissive rolls as I am NOT SUBMISSIVE. I WILL ALWAYS BE DOMINANT IN MY CONTENT. I do NOT shoot with other people at the moment. Take a look at my videos for an idea of what I will and won’t do. If your request includes something beyond my sexual boundaries, it will be rejected.

If you want a BRAINWASH video, please select “mesmerize” as your category.

If your Custom video includes a GROWTH sequence, please select “Body Inflation” as one of your categories, even if it is a Giantess video.


IF YOU AREN’T ALREADY on my FREE EMAIL NEWSLETTER, be sure that you are (and save me to your contacts) so that you don’t miss an email or an update! You’ll be the first to know when Custom Videos are open.

I also now offer “mini movies” on my LoyalFans. These are 1 minute personalized clips shot with my iPhone 12 in selfie-mode like we are on Facetime. I offer simple clothed, topless, or nude. The use of your name is an option because the video is only for YOU.